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Thread: remote control

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    remote control

    i want to remotely connect to my friend pc but she dont want to install anything is there any remote software that does not require client/end user installation she is behind a router, i want to be ale to maybe send re a file that she can click that would maybe run in the task bar and let me connect to her pc

    thanks in advance

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    If she doesn't want to install anything, her only option is if she has Windows use Remote Assistance, or if she has XP Pro...enable remote desktop connection (which requires allowing port 3389 to be forwarded through her router)

    Nothing will run in the task bar with these though...other choices require installing something. VNC..which also requires port forwarding on the router. Or other small programs which are quick and easy to install and don't require firewall changes, like logmein, or gotomypc, etc.
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    UltraVNC SingleClick will do what you want.

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