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Thread: can't connect to domain controller...

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    can't connect to domain controller...

    I can ping my server from my workstation, and i can ping my workstation from my server. I can also see my Server from my workstation in My Entire network.

    My workstation is my laptop.. on my laptop, i use nslookup, set type=any and i type my dns address, and it shows up fine.

    my trouble is when i go into system properties and click Change and click Domain and type in my dns address, it says the domain cannot be contacted.

    I turned off my firewall as well. still no improvements.

    why is this happening?

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    Is the workstation using your DCs IP address as its DNS server?
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    I concur....also try joining without the .msft or .local or what ever it may be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnallan View Post
    I concur....also try joining without the .msft or .local or what ever it may be.
    As long as you have proper DNS resolution that wouldn't matter.

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    When you ran dcpromo on the domain controller, you should have been required to enter a NetBIOS name for the domain. When you go to join the domain you should be typing the NetBIOS name of the domain rather than the DNS name of the server. Make sure you have "NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled" in your advanced network settings.. It sounds like you already have it enabled if you can see the server in "My Network Places".

    Technically you can have a completely different NetBIOS domain name from what the actual DNS name is for the server. For example on my domain I use myserver.mycompany.local as my DNS name for the server, but my NetBIOS name for the entire domain is "mattstudio". When joining a workstation to my domain, I would use "mattstudio" instead of "myserver.mycompany.local The root NetBIOS name for the domain is what the domain controller is listening for when a workstation attempts to join.
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