I'm taking a course on GUI and we are learning MFC.

I dunno why but I can't seem to understand it as clearly as compared to normal C++ programming or my DirectX programming. Maybe it is because I am not familiar with the framework of it. Like I don't know where I should code in and such. What's worse is that I have to make a game but all tutorials I find for MFC are using DirectX as well (which I can't use in this course).

Some questions...
1) Do people still program with this? I get a feeling this is old technology IMO.
2) If not, what do big companies use to program good applications? Like big ones like Adobe Photoshop to well simple ones like uTorrent? As I want to eventually program applications that can be usable and efficient (not bloated).
3) I'm using VS2005. When making classes, I have to use the Add Class->MFC Class right? which I assume is just a template. Or can you just make a class normally?