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    scroll bar

    how do I add a scroll bar to DOS in nt os, please

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    Your question (as is) DOSn't make any sense to me.
    I'll have to assume for now that you mean how to create a scrollbar in a Dos window (or better yet) a command window.

    Find your shortcut to the "Command Prompt" in the start menu.
    Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt

    Right click it, and select properties.
    Once the page comes up, select the "Layout" tab

    You'll see options for "Screen buffer size", and "Window size"
    Both of these adjustments have a width, and height adjuster.

    If you make the Screen buffer size larger than the window size (for either width or height) you will see a scrollbar for either horizontal, or vertical.

    Once you "apply" your changes the Dos window (or command window) will have the scrollbar when it's opened.

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    thanks Norm for responding. The question is self explainable. The answer is you can't add one to this system.

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