Hi all. I've been having a strange problem lately. I'm on my University's network. A few days ago, my connection suddenly died. I could not connect to any websites or anything. When I disabled and then re-enabled the connection, the internet would function normally for about 20-30 seconds, and then die again. Each time I re-enabled I was assigned an IP and everything looked normal. I was able to fix it by ipconfig /release then /renew before the connection died. Now to yesterday, when the problem began again. However, this time the ipconfig commands don't help. I've tried the cable and the port in my laptop and they work fine. I don't think its a faulty NIC, since for those 20-30 seconds it will function perfectly. If I try a repair, it cannot renew my IP. I can ping my IP, but not those of any websites. I also cannot ping the default gateway. I'm running XP, and my NIC is an nVidia nForce on my mobo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.