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Thread: Spent my 50 bucks -now what do I do with it-

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    Spent my 50 bucks -now what do I do with it-

    Bought a USB memory stick today. Was in looking around at Future Shop and they had an open box 4 Gig stick for $60. Was needing a new one anyway, but I was not planning on one so big.

    Now all I got to do is figure out what I am going to do with all that space. Would like to put all the data that I work with every day on it, but I would hate to lose the stick and someone else get their hands on the files.

    I remember reading about a good password protected file system. Have to look into something like that.

    How times have changed. When I bought my first hard drive it was only 10 Megs in size and I paid $1200 for it, now I buy 400 times the storage for 1/20th the price.


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    make a bootable Pe disc for the on fly repairs.

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    Upgrade to windows vista and use it for ready boost?

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    *Use it for backups of your important data. You can use a backup program that can encrypt the backup file. Or..many USB drives come with a built in encryption utility, so it's safe.

    *Use it to store utilities that you'll use. I have a couple of drives I have around for this purpose. Since I'm prone to having to repair someones PC that may have been infected with a virus or ad/spyware trojans..they often lose internet connectivity as a result of the infection. So one cannot download utilities. Enter the USB drive..plug it in..BAM....start installing your tools.
    *TCP/Winsock repair utility
    *CCleaner is next...
    *SuperAntispyware..pretty much the best most effective removal tool out there now..
    *I still use the old standbys...Spybot is still pretty decent...and Adaware even though I'm finding that tool less and less effective lately...just for kicks.
    *Freebie antivirus programs like AVG and Kapersky's free version through AOL
    *Special removal tools for some of the brutal spyware trojans such as Smitrem which removes the Smitfraud/Spyaxe/Spysheriff variants
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