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Thread: Small Network Design

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    Small Network Design

    I have a small network need to be design, its only for 25 users, but they need to have their email system inside the network, and also the need to speed up their Internet access, anyway I recommended the below for them:

    1- Domain Cotroller server (AD, DNS, DHCP, and Antivirus)
    2- Exchange 2003
    3- ISA 2004
    4- Mail gateway with antispam (Symantec Brightmail).

    they dont have router, they only have DSL link (512) connected by speed touch DSL modem, I have the below question:

    1- they already have registered domain name ex.(, what internal domain name should I use for them?? can I use the same name?? if no, how the mail system will work?? (in details please)

    2- I need your recommendation for all of this simple design.


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    Sounds like a perfect fit for Microsoft Small Business Serve Premium Edition...

    Provides you with a DC, doing all the infrastructure, as well as Exchange, ISA (comes with Premium), shared fax, and good remote features (Remote Web Workplace).

    Only difference I'd have, is antivirus, not fond of Symantec anymore..but choose something you're comfortable with. What I do with all my SBS setups, is host their e-mail with a hosting partner of ours. He takes care of the DNS records, the mx points to him, he takes care of the reverse DNS also, and he "washes" the mail for viruses and spam. He becomes the smarthost...and points the mail to the WAN IP of my client. I setup Exchange to only receive from him...which makes me feel much better about having port 25 open. And if my client has a good enough router on their end (usually do)..I put an ACL on it to only expose port 25 to the webhost.

    I do prefer to have a router in place...even though ISA is very robust..IMO, I still like a NAT router on the wild side. If budget is a concern, or just to think about additional filtering...look at some of the linux distro routers such as Endian. It does transparent proxy scrubbing of http/pop3/smtp/ftp traffic...removing viruses/worms/spam. IPCop with the Copfilter add-in is another option.
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