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Thread: Ohio considers poll worker draft

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    Ohio considers poll worker draft

    I guess Ohio is on the leading edge of total socialism now.I do my duty on Jury duty, I served 3 years in the US Army,I vote in all elections,I pay all my taxes, I can not smoke where I want, I have to go out of state to gamble, and now they may want to draft me to work elections polls?
    Here is the story..I just may have to find a new state to move to.
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    I doubt the bill will pass but it should garner some interest in community activism. Hopefully..

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    This friggin state is getting to be beyond ridiculous. I'm totally disgusted with the Governor, the house and the senate. Our entire legislative branch needs to be replaced.
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    It will never be as bad as Virginia in the way we have laws... welcome to the commonwealth!

    We have the worse vehicle laws for example than any state I know.. the cops around here love their work for it too.

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