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Thread: Mac and PC messaging software

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    Mac and PC messaging software

    Hi im new here. I just have a concern about on MAC and PC compatibility in terms of an internal messaging software. We tried internal chat software for the office but it only works for MAC to MAC. Do you have any sugestion of an instant messaging software that would work for MAC to PC and vise versa. Our purpose for this is that we could be able to send messages for our colleagues inside the office our messages without calling their extension numbers or going to their desks. If you have any suggestion please post them i would greatly appreciate it.


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    Think about setting up a jabber server.

    There are tonnes of clients for the jabber protocol, in fact, google talk uses the jabber protocol itself for the instant messaging. There are a good many different messaging clients out there that support jabber. You can have mac users communicating with windows users and linux users etc. It also supports group chatting.

    You can do some reading here:

    Then check the "software" area for servers and clients.

    If you don't want to setup a server, you can always use an existing one, like the google talk one. All you need is a google account and one of the many IM clients that support jabber (if you don't want to use the google talk client).

    Let us know what you decide on.

    Oh and welcome to speedguide. =]

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