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Thread: Treacherous Legion at gamebattles winter 07 season

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRarelyHonest View Post
    Viva La Riva!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRarelyHonest View Post
    Overall, our first real match as WBD was quite impressive. There were some trying moments, but it was fairly close. We played a level six clan (PHC), with 15 wins, 9 losses, ranked 100, with 28 total games under their belts.

    First map, Mausoleum was taken by us 5-2, 2nd map-Gridlock was there's 5-4, really tight, understatement of the night, thanks Donz once again you represented as the "clutch killer", 3rd-Canals (obviously where we need some work) there's again 5-2, final map-War Machine, another tight match, where we were up 3-1, but then lost our way, also taken by them to end the night. By the way, great communication Flood, and your sniping skills always superb, and Dan you had Hollywood's mark almost every time, not an easy feat. If teamwork and strategy, topped with each of our individual skills; continues to progress and mimic that of our success in the Mausoleum and Gridlock, I am certain that we will soon be a force to be reckoned with!!

    Any ideas on how to improve our game, feel free to post!! Until then see you guys online PS. Thanks for the vote of confidence Riva!!
    sorry to hear that

    I will have always confidence in you, we have been playing since GoW was released

    Oh please tell DJ to stop leaving me the sad voice messages, I didnt play yesterday, I have on my mind something else and I'm scared like hell
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