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Thread: home gym

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    whatever you do, don't take any weightlifting advice from this guy, he's a nut:

    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post

    There are idiots everywhere.

    At work, in forums, in poetry classes, everywhere!

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    well ghetto, i am military and fitness is huge for us.... we do some kind of pushup, situp and run variation almost every day. that alone can keep you in shape, but wont help to improve.

    so im looking mainly to work the muscle groups involved in pushups situps and running. i still want to work my whole body and tone up a bit, but thats my main focus.

    i know if i subscribed to a gym, i will find excuses here and there.... more so than if i had equipment at home.

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    You have to work out all your muscle groups or you will end up looking like a light bulb.

    Proportion is key.

    You can find out a lot of different exercises just lookin on the net, I also bought this book called Strength Training anatomy by frederic delavier which shows some good workouts to do and also shows every single muscle being used in each workout.

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    Been is the best shape of my life by doing pylometrics and such. Basicly what I am trying to say is you can get in great shape (toned) without weights, and if you need some lighter weights fill milk jugs with water or sand 10+ lbs each...

    Might save you money incase you get burned out or become too busy to work out.
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    I bought this and I love it.

    299.99 at costco shipped!
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