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Thread: Finally got the cable to reach 360 and have Live on

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    Question Finally got the cable to reach 360 and have Live on

    Now I have a few questions, cause I dont know and cant figure some stuff out.

    First, my brother made a profile on 360 when we got it and we didnt have the internet connected to it so I couldnt get my Live account over to it. But I have finally got it connected and when we migrated my Live account on, but his profile for NFS: Carbon wasnt there and couldnt select it. Is there anyway to link his profile to my Live account so when he connects to Live, he doesnt have to start all over and can use the cars and such he unlocked? or does he have to start a new profile all over because of my Live account?

    And this marketplace points stuff can you explain them to me? and you can only get them by buying them on Live? Just not sure

    And Rivas or someome, if you read this I need you to help walk me through some of the stuff in GoW, cause I dont want to suk all the time and would like some pointers n such. I will try GoW on Live for the first time prolly tonight or tomorrow night

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    I have 2 profiles, one on LIVE and one on my HDD.
    Never tryed it, my suggestion would be to ask Jim.

    And for GoW hit the right address
    When playing on live, KEEP MOVING, there are snipers everywhere, dont tell anyone you are new, you may be booted, just say this is not your day or something.
    For warzone use machine gun for long distance, but if there is more of them they will revive him unless you do head shot with sniper/chansaw him in close combat or blow his guts out with shotgun.
    I start shooting at my opponents only when i'm sure I will kill them/or when providing cover so my team mate can kill him from behind, otherwise its pointless, they will know right a way where you are hiding and hit you from behind.
    Moving, hiding is the key, never encounter 2+ people when they are together, wait when they split and then kill them one by one.FAST.
    People hate campers, dont camp, it's better to get killed.
    We do play execution only, it's way faster and more violence lol.
    My weapons are nades and shotgun, I dont use chainsaw at all, well I did use it maybe 5 times in 2 months.
    I'm suicider, I go with nades and blow everything off and take with me as many as I can and my team picks the rest of them one by one.

    Hope it helps.
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    Can someone get me Jim, so I can figure out how to get my brothers offline profile to work with my Live account, cause he is really bothering me about it and he doesnt want to have to start all over from the beginning

    I found a link before on site in support section, but I dont think it will work for me cause I have Live and I migrated it on last night

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    I'm not sure I completely understand the situation. Was his entire gamer profile missing, or just his NFS Carbon save data? Were you trying to access it under his game profile or yours?

    If you're trying to access his NFS Carbon save data from your profile, to the best of my knowledge, you can't. The saved game is tied to the gamer profile that was used to play the game originally, so if you're using a new profile (your recovered Live account), it'll see no record of that game being played under that profile. Even if you use a memory card to try to copy the data to the other profile, I believe a game like Carbon will simply deny the transfer. I think some games will allow you to do that (at the expense of losing any future achievements when you become the new owner), but I think Carbon is "locked." Thank EA for that one.

    You're pretty much left with two options: you can either start from scratch playing the game on your Live profile, or you can continue the game in progress on his old profile (and miss out on the Live gameplay).

    As far as the points are concerned, you have three main ways of obtaining them:

    A) Purchase directly through Live with a credit card
    B) Purchase a pre-paid card from a retailer
    C) Win some from various promotions from companies that sponsor Live

    Some of the items on the marketplace cost points, others are free. It depends on the type of content being offered.

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    No, you got the situation correct. i think you are right cause the profile was before I put my Live account on 360. I just thought I would be able to move his profile to Live, but I think EA does stop me from doing that. Ill just have to convince him to start over.

    Thanks for the response and thank whoever fowarded you to my post.

    And as far as the Marketplace Points, I will have to look around and decide on what I want to do atm


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