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Thread: I`m back, with IPCop questions....

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    I`m back, with IPCop questions....

    1st off, background...

    Install IPCop with Red and Green interfaces on a machine and all is well.

    Got round to installing a 3rd (Orange) interface for a DMZ for my Server/s

    Now if for arguments sake Im using to addresses in my DHCP range for my Green interface and I set my newly installed Orange interface to, how do I set the server up to be accessible from the red (Obviously) and the green internally?

    Basically what am I not doing/doing wrong that means I can`t gain access to the server when I connect it to the orange interface, but it`s fine when on the swith on my green?

    I know I can get to the orange from the green but I cannot get to the green from the orange, that is in the documentation.

    I`m just struggling with the whole allocating addresses on the orange interface thing.


    Oh, I forgot under the DMZ Pinholes option, I have the Source net and Destination net and they are dropdown boxes, but, the only option in the source net is Orange and the only option in the Destination net is green!?!?

    I would`ve thought that source net should be red and destination should be orange!?!? Myabe this is where I`m going wrong!?!?

    Aaarrgghhhh!! HELP ME!!!!
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