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Thread: Problem's with Port Forwarding.

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    Problem's with Port Forwarding.

    I'm trying to forward ports for Utorrent & Azureus, but my modem does not show up on the port forwarding page. My modem is "SpeedTouch 780". There isn't even anything close.

    When I get to the SpeedTouch page, it looks NOTHING like what it does on the port forwarding page. I thought that wouldn't matter, but unfourtunately, the steps I have to take in order to complete the forwarding... I can't because they don't exsist on the page that I can connect to. I've tried other Speed Touch modems in that series, and it doesn't help.

    I really need some help guys, this is upsetting me.

    : (

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    you don't do port forwarding with Modem's, generally speaking, you port forward with routers that have built in firewalls

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