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Thread: Port Forwarding Stopped Working

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    Port Forwarding Stopped Working

    I have been accessing my webserver via my cable IP http://xx.xx.xx.xx/ (public) for over 12 months now, and have had no problems. About 4 days ago, it suddenly stopped working which is a major problem for me.

    Without a router, I can access it fine, and with/without, I can access it fine if I use localhost or my private IP.

    I'm using a Linksys BEFSR41 (v1). Basically my only real configuration to have it working was to forward port 80 to my private IP ( After spending about 4 hours playing with the configuration and going crazy (including resetting factory defaults) I decided to buy a new one.

    OK, this is where it got fun. Unfortunately only London Drugs was open, so I bought another Linksys (v3.1 this time). I was a little hesitant, but the only other brand they carried was D-Link. I went home, plugged it in, and within 15 seconds it disconnected. 5 minutes later, it reconnected, and then another few seconds later, connection lost. (repeat for 2 hours).

    I plugged the old router back in... tried just about everything 3-4 times, triple checked all the IP addresses and ports, and it's all 100%. Just for kicks, I tried hooking up my D-Link wireless (using wired connection though) router, and strangely, the same thing happens.

    How can I get this working?

    summary USED TO WORK with/without router

    but now...

    http://localhost/ WORKS WORKS WORKS without routers does NOT work with routers

    Port 80 (TCP/UPD) is forwarded to
    (I have also tried DMZ host, but no luck)

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, before I begin smashing things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirAdrian View Post WORKS without routers does NOT work with routers
    When you are testing this part...are you testing it from inside your network? Or from another network across the internet?

    Many entry level routers do not support what is called "loopback"..meaning, they can't come back at themselves from inside...using their pub IP.
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    Yeah (inside my network) that's what I've heard, but it worked for the past 12 months... also, if someone else goes to my public IP it doesn't work; it doesn't just happen when I try to do the "loopback".

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    I think this may have been triggered by installing Cisco's VPN client. Going to try uninstalling it as a test.

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    It was the VPN client. How can I make them play nice together?


    If I disconnect, it is still broken, but if I shut down the VPN service it works. While this is workable, I would prefer if I could get it working without the extra step.
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