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Thread: Dual WAN router problems

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    Exclamation Dual WAN router problems

    Hi all, I recently bought a Xincom DPG502 dual-WAN router and got a second Shaw connection.

    My existing line was a 5Mbps cable line. The new line is a 10 Mbps cable line.

    When both WAN connections are plugged into the router, the WAN port that has the 5Mbps line plugged in shows up as 'disconnected' on the router config. page and overall network bandwitdh is capped at under 10Mbps. On rare occasions, both WAN ports will register as 'Connected'. When this happens, the overall network bandwidth gets capped at 5Mbps.

    Any suggestions or anything that I need to look out for or confirm from the ISP, will be greatly appreciated. Is this happening because I have 5 and 10 mbps lines as opposed to same bandwidth on both lines? Thank You.


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    Check with documentation if the wan port can handle a 10mb connection meaning that the wan port could only be 10mb instead of 100mb the port may have a duplex setting on it to force it on 100 the cable might be a 10base.

    Those are my guesses
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