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Thread: Norton subscription key in registry

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    I have no plans to run norton myself (Nod32 rules! ), but it's likely I may need that key at some time. I think it's good the answer to the original question was posted. Also, next time someone is looking for the solution and they google it, a link to this thread and our boards should be the #1 search result.

    +1 for SG! My point is we have the answers here...

    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    Norton has touched your computer...must format...and select a better AV product.
    I agree w/ ya Stonecat

    But CableDude won't be able to run nav2k6, it won't run on win98. nav2k5 is included w/ the purchase of 2k6 for ME and 98 users. link

    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post

    There are idiots everywhere.

    At work, in forums, in poetry classes, everywhere!

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    Hey Guys!!

    I only have 2 98 machines and 1 NT server still in service.

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    A nice little secret symantec dosent want revealed is that in their 2000 version, you can install it, use it for 365 days, then when the key is expired, you can unistall, reinstall, and get it for another 365 days and so on and so on, may be a little outdated, but will still work the same with updates and so on and so on.

    hehehehe i used to do it all the time, before i gave p on symantec's huge, resource hogging program that i have learned to hate.

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    No matter who is dumb here, plz just listen 2 me carefully :

    - Click "Support" in the NAV menu;
    - then "Activate your product"
    - "If you whould like to activate using new product key click NEXT"
    - ALL DONE GUYS......

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    Post Norton 07 installation

    Hi all,

    Does any body have an idea on istallation of Norton anti-virus 07 on a computer that previously had expired norton 06?
    Please note that I did unistall by using norton removal tool all items related to symantec/norton. but still it give me no subscription time!

    Please advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkbat05 View Post
    Here it is...the location of the NAV 2006 key in the registry:


    It is named 'key' and the value is the NAV key.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but just try deleting the aforementioned keys and doing a re-install of norton, the old key comes back. I've searched all through the registry and windows hidden files only to come up blank. I found some things that might be the answer, and I'm sure the key is probably encrypted like a previous poster mentioned, but maybe these are the files that hold the info, here's the link:

    If somebody tries this and it helps, please let me know. I'm just curious.

    Also, here's a link to a complete removal of norton products that somehow might help. Very thorough job this person did, apparently:

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    norton removal tool... thats the only thing of Norton I would run on any computer I owned.

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    I tried the norton removal tool, but it still leaves traces behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjd2008 View Post
    I tried the norton removal tool, but it still leaves traces behind.
    I don't see how..but you can always use regcleaner to help remove some stuff.. google it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjd2008 View Post
    I tried the norton removal tool, but it still leaves traces behind.
    You have to spend some time searching on their support site for the manual remove process. It's tedious...removing registry keys and directories....used to be able to find it rather quickly...but just spent a few minutes looking...ran out of time before I found it.

    The SymNRT tool does an "OK" job at removing more stuff than the usual Uninstall through Add/Remove does...but still leave a bit of junk.
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    I found the solution to the problem elsewhere.

    Most people probably no longer care, but I had to install this old version of NIS to test some issues its causing with software and was stuck because it wouldn't let me enter the correct product key.

    Uninstall NIS
    Uninstall Live Update
    Delete C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security (if there)
    Delete C:\Program Files\Symantec (if there)
    Delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared
    Start>Run and type %temp% and delete everything (unless it's being used)
    Search for myprofile.userprofile and delete it (hidden/system file that keeps your subscription logged even after uninstalling)
    Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Symantec
    Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Symantec
    BTW - the myprofile.userprofile file is in hidden system folders so make sure search hidden files and folders is selected as well as search system folders.

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