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Thread: 1 Line 4 Boxes ?

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    1 Line 4 Boxes ?

    Here is the situation, In the upstairs of the house we have a digital cable box (The IO Box) The rest of the cable in the house is just ran through the tvs without a box. We recently ordered new cable boxes, We hooked them up in the rooms and everything comes up except after the interactive program guide is done loading it only shows the channel and then no-data and a black screen. I called them and they said they need to send a techie witch i do not want because the cable is spliced and we really dont have the money to spend on the extra lines. Is there a fix to this ?

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    I think it is only because the boxes were not programmed.

    When I had Comcast I had 4 boxes. The cable line coming into a splitter, then to the 4 different boxes. Is that what you did?

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