OK, Amongst other things over the hols, I`ve acquired one of these new fangled DVR`s (DVD recorders with a hard drive in too)

It`s great and all that and it`s gonna be even better when I get my head around this little poser.......

Record stuff from a source to the HDD, fine. Record stuff from a source to DVD, fine. Record stuff from the HDD to the DVD, fine.

Now, I`ve borrowed some DVD`s off my bro-in-law (No, it`s some Planet Earth episodes! )and I wanna copy the DVD`s to the HDD so he can have his DVD+RW`s back but I can`t find the option!?!? Dunno if there is one!?!?!?

Anyway the DVR I have is the Eltax DVR-555 HD (No not high definition, I don`t think) with the 160GB disk

Many thanks and good tidings