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Thread: Cost of Windows Vista - New and Upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bastid View Post
    Aero interface?
    Yeah its MS' latest attempt at coppying Apple and they did bad, its ugly, but some people will like it. Have a good videocard if you want to run it though.

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    LOL...yeah...Tis one of the first things I'll turn off. Similar to what I do with every WinXP rig I have...first thing I do...."Performance mode"..basically the windows classic theme.

    I like the "snappiness" that returns to the system when flipped in that mode.

    I'll be running Vista on a side system for a while, one at office, one at home. Just cuz..gotta learn it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burke View Post
    The number one reason people I know (both PC n00bs and fairly-competent users) want Vista? Aero.

    I just laughed at my boss when he said we needed to upgrade. Our 2.53 Pentium 4s with 512 MB of RAM and integrated graphics can't handle Vista worth a piss, mainly because EVERYONE WANTS IT BECAUSE OF THE AERO INTERFACE.

    Stick with XP unless you're a gamer or already have an uber rig.
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