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Thread: Link between 2 different network

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    Link between 2 different network

    i would have a network problem here.
    i need to link up two different network with different IP block.


    the main goal is can share the network printer to both network A computers and network B computers.

    router: Linksys WRT54GL (DD-WRT Firmware) for Network A.
    Aztech NA8300 for Network B.

    any gurus can please give me some guide to configure this network??


    edited: forget to mention that network A link to network B router by LAN cable. they are neighbour.
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    I'm no expert, but wouldn't the printer have to have an IP address that is in the range of one of the routers? But, bridging the two networks should be possible.

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    yes. the printer currently at network B but how network A can share the printer with network B?

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    If the networks are next to each other...and each network has only two PCs per..what's the chance of combining both networks into one, behind 1x router?
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    actually both network are more than 2 PCs. the diagram are draw just for some symbol only. for network A roughly got 5 PC and network B have 7 PC. current network are combine all into one. but due to some reason, they want to seperate to two different network.

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    As has been suggested, why not remove one router and connect ALL computers through one router only (using a switch if needed for extra wired ports). Now you have 2 routers assigning 2 different network subnets.
    With all computers on the same subnet, accessing the printer from any of them would be easy.
    Your second router is unnecessarily complicating issues.

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    Create a link between router a and b on external interfaces with IP's like 172.

    Set static routes for network a and b's routers.
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    If I were handed this, I'd take both networks..combine them behind 1x router, and use a managed switch to separate the 2x networks via port based VLANs...with the networked printer a member of both VLANs.
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    ok.. i get you.. so if for hardware, is that i can simply make one computer to it become server and become the bridge for the both network?

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