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Thread: Wired to wireless help needed

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    Wired to wireless help needed

    Hi, folks,

    This may be easy, but maybe not. It's been quite awhile since I did any networking and I hope to be able to avoid problems if I do what I'm thinking about.

    Here's the deal: I presently have a wired network and a cable internet connection. The network begins with a Netgear RP614 router and a Netgear switch. There are 2 XP SP2 computers, 2 Win98SE computers, and an Xbox on the network.

    My son is getting a laptop for Christmas, and I just KNOW he's gonna want to connect wirelessly. If I replace the existing wired router with a wireless router (I'm thinking about switching to a Linksys), what problems should I anticipate? Once I set up the new router, will it automatically recognize the computers on the existing network, or am I gonna have to start over with the network?

    Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Merry Christmas!

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    You may want to shut down all of your computers connected to the router. Replace the router with your new wireless router, start it up, let the lights settle down and then fire up the computers. They should all be networked. You will need to go into your router setup page (if PPPoE, enter userid and password etc), set up your wireless SSID, WPA security and change the router's default password).
    You should be OK.

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    Just to emphasize, make sure to set up some form of encryption on the wireless network (preferably WPA).

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