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    I am running Carbon Copy 5.5 and am experiencing a proble that has the support people rubbing their heads.
    The CC host computer has a dial up modem in it as well as being a client of a ICS host running DSL. The host dsl machine has an service for CC on port 1685 and the client machines IP address.

    The problem.

    When the host CC machine is called up via modem everything is fine. When I call it up via any other clients or the host dsl machine everything is fine. If I call it up from outside while on modem it is fine, but if called up while running it through the host dsl, it will connect but the image presented to the outside is black.

    It "feels" like it is some kind of network issue. Being that i have yet to get the email working on client machines I can't help but feel something just isn't right.

    Greatful for any help or suggestions.

    Thank you

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    bigired9; Hav you tried 'rebinding'??


    Is 17 pages, think you might find it useful.


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