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    if u have problem in english reading then sorry i am french so i have not good english, azureus need port forward.i have bitspirit working connection minimum speed is anyone can clear me that i will get 32Kbps with azureus if torrent has good health.if u sugggest then i will do work on port forwarding to avoid nat problem.nat problem really sucks my mind .please if anybody has advice to get rid of this problem write here.i did everything except port forwarding because i really do not know about step by step how to configure port for nat problem...i listen many people that azureus gives best speed .so what can i do please suggest me a path .....

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    Here is a link that will teach you how to port forward:

    First click 'Port Forwarding' then click on your router model no. and finally click on the program you want to port forward.

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