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Thread: connecting remote sites to main server help!

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    connecting remote sites to main server help!

    I have 2 remote sites and then a 2003 small business server at a 3rd site. The 2003 server has data on it that clients at my remote sites need to access via a client application. There isn't a WAN setup right now and PCAnywhere is currently used. Problem is more than one site now needs access to this data at one time. Active Directory is running on the server. How do I setup a WAN so that the remote sites login to the main server and have the access to the data on that server. I need a secure way, but also I have a limited budget. Each of the remote sites have 2 PC's each.

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    50,913 need to see if this application can run across a thin connection (VPN)

    Else...have some Windows XP Professional machines at the main site..and have the remote sites use the RWW feature of SBS to run the program.
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    reading a couple tids on the rww, I can't tell if it is like remote desktop where the client PC will be controlling the server, which would mean the other remote side wouldn't be able to use the software because remote site A would be using it...

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