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Thread: Cable Modem to Computer, Computer to Router... how, please :)

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    Cable Modem to Computer, Computer to Router... how, please :)


    I absolutely hate routers. But I just got a laptop and so I got a router as well so I can give it wireless Internet. But for the life of me, I do not want my desktop to be behind a router. I want the desktop to give internet to the router, which inturn gives Internet to the Laptop wirelessly as well as filesharing via workgroups. I am relatively competent with computers, but I admit I don't completely know what I am doing when the router isnt setup between modem to desktop.

    I am using Windoze XP Pro SP2 and the router is a Dlink DGL-4300. Might be noteworthy that I am using a crossover cable to connect the computer to the router. If this is wrong I can use standard Ethernet..

    So recap on my desired setup:


    As far as I know this is possible. I had a friend who had Internet > Modem > Computer > Router > Router > Computers (both routers went to different computers) .. but I am no longer in touch with him.

    I dont think I need to setup dhcp software on Windoze or anything like that, but I may be wrong as well. Basically if someone would please be so kind as to tell me how to accomplish this setup I would be very grateful.

    I suspect I am not supposed to plug the Desktop into the WAN port on the Router but one of the LAN ones as when I plug it into the WAN I can't even access the Router's Control Panel. If I plug it into the LAN, I can access the Router's CP, but then my Internet Disconnects/Reconnects forever.

    It would seem the router assigns the Local Area Connection going to the router a regular network IP of, with its gateway as . Also it seems an "Internet Connection" icon appears in Network Connections -- which wasnt there before. Denno if this information is useful.

    Again, I really appreciate your assistance for this Thank you!


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    Ah nvm I got it. I had to disable the dhcp server on the router, and assign it some bogus wan settings. All is well now :P

    thanks anyways.

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    That really seems retarded. Why dont you want to be behind a router?

    Behind the router you get the protection of NAT. The Dlink 4300 is a great router too, has a nice QoS feature listed as gamers fuel or something as well.

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