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    sharing internet connection

    I have one windows home xp pc hooked up to a linksys befcmu10 modem using cox cable internet. I want to buy a new computer when vista comes out the end of january. What is the cheapest and best way to share the internet connection. I was planning on just getting another cable modem for the other pc because where I want to put the other pc in another room there is a cable outlet for it. Calling Cox they said they would charge me double the monthy charge for having two modems. They said getting a router would be best. I really do not want to share anything between the two pc's, only the interent connection. Being that I do not want to run cable across the house I guess I would have to go with a wireless router. Is wireless safe? Any recommendations on how to do this? thank you in advance.

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    I always insist of having a router...even if only using a single PC. Why? That hardware firewall.

    So yes...suggest a router. If you don't want to run cables....perhaps wireless would work for you..lots of variables there, mainly, how large your area is that you need to get the signal through.

    Safe? You need to secure it..but yes it can be safe and secure if you follow a few basic steps, such as use G or higher..(which pretty much all new hardware is..we're in the N/MIMO stages here)...and use WPA or WPA2 security.
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    thanks for your reply. the pc's will be on the same floor about 70 feet away. going down a hall and around a corner into another bedroom. Is that within range for me to go wireless? I was thinking about going with g. I was thinking also about power-line networking the two pc's using the electrical outlets of the house. What do you think about power-line networking?

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