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Thread: New system arrived and folding away!

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    New system arrived and folding away!

    Recieved my new Dell Dimension e520 Dual Pentium D 3.4Ghz with 2GB RAM.

    Seems to be doing quite well in spite of the fact that the WinXP MCE that it came installed with is a rather large bag of steaming s**t!

    Been on to Dell more that a few times trying to get them to swap it for a copy of WinXP Pro but they`re insisting that the problems I`m having (COMPLETELY random lock-ups, freezes, hanging, and when I say completeley random, I mean, COMPLETELEY random!) are down to me installing a secondary drive in the system!

    I`ve seriously, well at least up until now, never had the misfortune to encounter such an unstable system in all my computing years! To say I`m not happy is an understatement!

    Don`t get me wrong, the system itself is fantastic, everything about the hardware is top notch it`s fast, it`s quiet and it`s cool in fact the whole thing seems flawless........ until it bails on me!

    Anyways...they`ve agreed to refund me the amount I paid for the WXP MCE and send me a copy of WXP Pro so it should be with me in a few days.

    Well` see what happens when I eventually get it all installed again.

    Oh and I`m almost certain it`s not the hardware, extensive tests tell me the HW is OK!!

    Anyway, hopefully it`ll be racking up the WU`s and more importantly, folding for the cause!!!

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    Always good to hear of new additions.

    Adding a 2nd hdd would be an odd cause of lock ups.


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