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Thread: Windows VISTA

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    Windows VISTA

    Got this off a forum somewhere:

    There will be no difference. This EULA is for the retail version (FPP - Full Package Product) which means that you have to buy it in retail trade. The FPP are two versions the “Full“ and the “Upgrade”.

    So if you see the word upgrade in what you are going to buy, it's just that, it will upgrade your present OS to VISTA, so this means fer yee lay people, hehe, me lamer too, that if you are running Win XP now, upgrade to Windows VISTA and have the joy of reformatting. First you have to put Win XP back on then Win VISTA, and of couse you will nead no seat belts for this. If you want to rumble get the *Full Version" that you can do a clean install with, it's about $50.00 more but in the long run well worth it. I really believe Microshaft are trying to confuse people with this UPGRADE CRAP, you buy that and then say O S____. then buy the full Version, then Bill Gates buy's 3 more countries. Just ma 2 cents

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