I have been playing around with programs to allow me to connect to my home computer from my work computer. One of the programs a friend pointed me to was Real VNC to control my computer over the network. I have been successful at forwarding the required ports on my home router, configuring the VNC server settings to allow me to connect, and connecting to my home computer from work. Everything seems to work perfect except one small thing.

On my home computer, I run the free edition of Zonealarm firewall and I turn off the Window's firewall. Whenever I have remoted into my home computer using Real VNC and a Zonealarm message pops up (like a new program trying to access the internet), I can't do anything to the pop up itself. Also, I can't change any settings inside Zonealarm itself. Anyone have any idea how to fix this interaction between Zonealarm and Real VNC?

I know this is a little more specific that a general network question, but I was hoping one of you guys might know something about it. As always, thanks in advance.