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Thread: Cable Internet possible outside Europe/UK/US???

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    Cable Internet possible outside Europe/UK/US???


    I hope someone can help me with a question that has been puzzling me for a while now.

    Is it possible for someone resident say in West Africa to get internet service via cable from a company in Europe or America? my understanding of it is that since it is cable technology, which is similar to satellite, it should be possible as satellite (VSAT) internet is possible from here.

    And if it is not possible for a cable company to offer it's internet services to someone in West Africa, can you please explain why, or what hinders this from happening, the technicalities. Again, seeing that it is possible to receive cable TV from such places as Europe/UK, why wouldn't it be possible to get internet.

    Thanks all.

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    Here is something to read. Not sure if it's what you were looking for.


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