Hi all
Hope somebody can hep me with this issue I am having
with my pix firewall 10000 series

I have test machine in a data center which is behind a asa firewall with NAT enabled. I have successfully created a VPN. I access the VPN via cisco vpn client which works fine when at home using my DSL connection. The problem I am facing is that once I am in the office at work and try to access the VPN
via my LAN I can connect to the VPN fine but unable to ping the server or traceroute. I am guessing that the issue is my pix firewall at the office not allowing it through.

My config is like this

LAN IP 192.168.100.xxx
VPN IP 192.168.101.xxx
SERVER IP 192.168.102.xxx at the datacenter.

what command do I use on my 10000 series pix firewall to be able to access the server at the data center . An y help would be nice

Thank you