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Thread: DSL modem and Wireless router in parallel

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    DSL modem and Wireless router in parallel

    I am having a difficult network problem for which no one seems to have answers; will try to describe my network topology as succinctly as possible.

    Have an Actiontec DSL modem which also has router capabilities with four ethernet ports. I am using all four ports of the DSL modem as follows:

    DSL modem port#1 --> WinXP Pro desktop
    DSL modem port#2 --> Win 2003 server
    DSL modem port#3 --> A Netgear XE102 Home Powerline Plug adapter (which allows two other PCs to access the Internet through the DSL modem over the home power line with similar XE102 adapters).
    DSL modem port#4 --> Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router.

    Now comes the hard part with the wireless router.
    The wireless router also four ethernet ports.
    Originally I had an old WinXP desktop connected to the wireless router to configure the wireless router. But that PC died.
    I have two Linux machines connected to the wireless router but they cannot connect to the Internet at all.

    At peak traffic, my and my two sons may access the Internet through our laptops through the wireless router. The laptops connect to the Internet but they cannot see any file shares on any PCs.

    Thanks much for shedding some light on this.

    Rajan Varadarajan

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    Your second router is separating your's doing its job..acting as another router.

    To keep things want an access point...not a second router.

    Log into the web admin of your wireless router....make its LAN IP in the same range as your primary router..but outside the DHCP pool so you avoid IP conflicts. Say your primary router is, make the wireless router something like

    Disable DHCP on your wireless router.

    (some wireless routers allow you to flip them to an "AP" mode in their web admin..effectively achieving the above)

    Uplink the wireless router to your primary router using a LAN port on each of will not use the WAN port of your wireless router.

    Now you've sort of bandaided your wireless router to run as an access point.
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    Connecting 2 routers is in the same subnet is tricky... let us know if StoneCats recommendation works.


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