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Thread: Monitering ADSL Wireless Router

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    Monitering ADSL Wireless Router

    I have a Dlink ADSL G604T Wireless router, this works fine it is shared with some freinds were I live, Someone is useing a great deal of bandwidth. I would like to log the wirless connections is this possible with this router, If so how. If not is there a reasonable ADSL Wirless router that provides good monitering of the users.

    It seems like theres plenty of standard network moniters but none which I can use with the 604 Be gratful of any advise

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    Your D-Link already has what you want:
    A simple configuration tool and a Web-based user interface allow you to easily modify settings to connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This Web interface also provides traffic statistics, connection speed, and other detailed information.
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    I cant see anyway that the interface provides that information. I rang Dlink support and they said that it didnt. I must admit I wasnt totaly sure he new what he was talking about. Can you please advise in detail sorry about this

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