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Thread: curious wireless problem

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    curious wireless problem

    hope someone out there can help - this is driving me mad

    firstly - the spec - lenovo b50-30 laptop, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd, win 8.1 / wireless card - qualcomm atheros AR956x

    only had this new one week - and in that time the same intermittent fault has surfaced...but without being able to find the exact cause.

    initial setup - only achieving 48mbps on a 100mb broadband connection. now before anyone says "that's reasonable"...please read on
    all other new(ish) laptops in the house can score 106mbps on and, even my five year old acer 5332 scores 89mbps!!!! - ALL wireless

    so after various tweaks - involving TCP Optimiser and other suggested windows tweaks - this is what happens
    after running tweaks lenovo scores 106mbps !!! - but two hours later it reverts to 48mbps

    to get the connection back to 106mbps (and this isn't always successful) i have to shut down both the lenovo laptop and the virgin superhub.
    but again, best i then get is 2hours at top speed. the superhub can't be at fault as the other laptops in the house work at high speed flawlessley.

    lenovo support (haha) have said that they'll recall the laptop and do a factory reset - or i can do this - but this makes no sense, as all this would do is reinstall wlan drivers - and i've done numerous rollbacks and updates - none of which change anything

    anyone any genuine ideas?
    is there a registry hack that'll fix this? or is it likely that win10 might repair it

    If i still had a garden pond, i know where this laptop would be going

    thanks for reading.

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    It could be the wireless card driver, I know I've had trouble with some Atheros chipsets before... You may want to try different drivers. Also, check the network card advanced settings to turn off any "Packet Coalescing" and "TCP Offload" options other than checksum offloads. I'd turn off "power saving" mode of the network adapter as well.

    There are no registry settings that would fix this other than the TCP Optimizer, rather try the network adapter driver/settings suggested above.

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