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Thread: main home Line + Adsl cable + phone cable...what i did is good?

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    Wink main home Line + Adsl cable + phone cable...what i did is good?

    Good day people

    i want to ask you guys a question which is kinda important to me, so please read carefully and watch carefully what i post so you can advice me.

    i live in Egypt and i got ADSL since January 2006 till now, no problem here but i wanna know if what i did to the phone line is actually good or not and this is what i did....

    pic 1 - main home phone connector

    this is a steel circle with 4 screws inside it, main phone cable from street to house i wired it to the first 2 screws as seen in the pic.....then i bought a 10m phone cable stripped the red and green and screwed it to the same screws of the Main Home Phone Cable (again as seen in the pic above) so now i got both the Main and the Modem cables tied together on the same 2 screwes, then run this 10m cable to my room, added RJ11 plug and plugged it to my D-Link Router.

    the i bought 24m of phone cable, stripped the red and green wires and connected to the remaining free 2 screws in the steel connector and made 5 plugs on the wall for each room and connected each phone on that cable.

    this is what it looks like exactly:

    I got only 1 telephone in my house at the moment and i installed a filter to that phone like this one:


    Modem is on a separate phone cable and Telephones are on separate cables.....but both meet at the main entrance.

    i'm on a 1mbit/256k connection and about 1.5km from the exchange and Modem syncs at 30 to 35db SNR and attenuation is constant between 25db to max 27db Down.......Up is 31db SNR and 14db Attenuation.
    i get 110kb/s download speed 24/7

    the SNR drops to 24db Down and 15db Up during the day (say 10 am to 10 Pm) but it doesn't affect the speed, if i resync after 10 PM i get back the high sync.

    so far all is working A-OK.

    what i like to know is if there's any reason to install a Central Splitter or is it normal that during the day the modem sync is lower and at night the sync is higher?

    note: i have no CRC errors in the modem, Hec Errors or any other thing.

    your advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
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