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    i used winISO to add burnout pce game to my pc -
    im haveing troubles deleting it from my pc - i thought it would be as simple as going to the C:/program files/winISO folder and deleteing the ISO and yes that worked - but on my desktop there is a folder that has the same ISO in it and when i try to delete it - i get this

    i hope i did the picture right - otherwise it tells me that it cant delete it / it is being used by another person or program - close any programs that are useing the file and try again -
    this game never worked right on my pc anyways [its really old]
    also - it is on the G:hard drive - any help would be appreciated i hope i gave enough information -

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    Start up in safe mode (hit F8 at boot) and try it from there...
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    Mike - i tryed to delete it in safe mode but got the same message - thanks for trying to help and that was a good idea that i never thought of in the last month -
    YardofStuff - that tool worked like a charm ,thanks alot i owe ya a soda or a beer -whichever you prefer
    nice little tool there
    very happy that is finally off my pc -

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    Quote Originally Posted by YARDofSTUF View Post

    Nice!! Thanks
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