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Thread: Net Card Confusion

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    Question Net Card Confusion

    OK Stupid me, didnt read teh FAQ before posting, and i realized that this 1394 thing is a firewire connection....what is Firewire, how does it work, how do i bridge it with my LAN connection and will it makethe internet/server connection any faster?
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    What are you trying to do? It won't make your interent any faster, the big limitation there is the ISP which is most likely not more than 10Mbps, and a typical LAN now is 100Mbps.

    Server connections might be a bit faster, depending on what it is running at now. Firewire is faster than 100Mbps ethernet, if you can create an end to end connection with it anyway. If at anypoint you run a firewire to the server and then connect that into your 100Mbps LAN it will not really be any faster. Now if you have the ability to go gigabit that will be the fastest.

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