Does anyone know why keyboard problems might arise when using
Remote Desktop & a VPN to telecommute from China to the US?

After setting up my new Dell PC (running XP pro) in China, my Dell PC
in Kentucky only responded to about 3% of my keystrokes.
The keyboard works fine locally.

Otherwise, the link was fine. I had remote access to all my computer files,
and I could use my mouse to select software, choose data files,
run syntax files, and view statistical results.

After a few weeks, on Oct.31, the problem went away.
Then 22 days later, the problem returned.

Even when my keyboard was functioning remotely, it was slow,
so if I had a lot of typing to do, I would do it on my home computer,
and then slide it across my screen (using copy&paste) to move
it across the Pacific Ocean. A couple days before the keyboard
stopped working, my ability to cut&paste from China to the US

I use SonicWALL Global VPN. Should I use a different one?
Perhaps LogMeIn or a VPN designed specifically for China?

Can anyone help?
D.H. Sanders

Possibly relevant additional information:

A speed test site in Hsinchu, Taiwan gave my client-to-server
speed as 1.36 Mb/s and my server-to-client speed as .47 Mb/s.
It also analyzed the path and reported that "The slowest link
in the end-to-end path is a 10mbps Ethernet subnet"
and that "Other network traffic is congesting the link".
(China Telecom supplies my connection to the web.)

Speed tests at test sites in the US
(Broadstar, Speakeasy, & Linkline) are wildly inconsistent,
even from minute to minute.

I have done a route trace three times, but don't know
how to glean any useful information from the results.