Just want to warn people about this new service that Kingston Internet has launched recently in the Hull area.

I pay £24.99 a month for a 8Mbps service.

During the day i was gettting around 600mbps download speeds, then after 4.30pm I was only getting 100 to 150 mbps.

I rang them about it and they say they are limiting bandwidth at peak times, ie, 4.30pm till late.

Just thought it was a bit bad considering they tout this service as:

Ideal for: families who regularly use the internet for homework, research, downloading music albums and music videos, download movies, send and receive family photos and use the internet frequently, mainly in the evening


Monthly usage allowance: Unlimited*

Download speed: Up to 8Mbps**

Equipment: FREE set up and modem††

Anyway, I will hopefully get more information on this situation over the next fews days.