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Thread: Setting Up Long-Dist. Wireless High Spd. Internet Connect

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    Setting Up Long-Dist. Wireless High Spd. Internet Connect

    OK – I don’t want to pay $75 to $80+ a month for High Speed internet and this seems to be my only (lower than $50mo.) payment option for my area. I hardly know anything about computers or wireless networks. I had a site survey done by a wireless ISP; he says my signal is 75% to 80% of what I need to meet the minimum download / upload speed from /to the ISP tower site 13 miles away - So he declined to provide my rural location with the ISP wireless service. He was testing with a laptop / 100mw card with a connected 12db antenna at 60’ in height. (The ISP tower site is 125’ with 360MSL – my location is 520MSL; I have a 120’ tower – but I am reluctant to place the antenna more than 60’ up because it would be difficult to service). I already have all this equipment - So do you guys know if this set-up would possibly work to gain “high speed” internet for my rural location?

    Here’s the Plan – To set up a outdoor wireless antenna for a desktop & an indoor mobile Access Point for (laptop) for the purpose of (war-homesitting) and mainly for legal connection to the local wireless tower ISP. The equipment used is connected in sequence and is described as follows:

    Hyperlink Technologies 2.4Ghz – 24db gain grid antenna (with vertical and horizontal polarization) complete with pigtail male “N” connector. (Complete with remote control 360 degree rotor capability – the antenna is securely mounted and fixed extremely stable.

    Hyperlink Technologies 2.4Ghz - Bi-directional Ampliflier: Tx30db/Rx20db, 1-watt output/100mw input with female “N” connectors. 50’ LMR400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable with male “N” connectors). 12vdc Power Injector with coaxial (input / output) female “N” connectors – grounding tap, and 12vdc power supply. 10’ LMR400 Coaxial Cable with male “N” to male “RP-TNC” connectors. This will be connected to the Primary RP-TNC on the Access Point device.

    I will be using an outdoor CISCO AIRONET 350 Access Point device (it has 2 female RP-TNC antenna connectors) 100mw output. The Rx sensitivity is suppose to be very good on this unit –94db. The Desktop Ethernet RJ45 from the motherboard will go to the input Ethernet connection of the Wireless Access Point (mounted in the attic) and the Secondary (RP-TNC connected) antenna (rubberduck) will provide for the Indoor Wireless connection.

    Have I thought this out correctly? I certainly appreciate any comments or suggestions that would enable me to successfully complete the desired result of connecting to wireless high speed internet – so thanks in advance.

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    Personally Id go with a little more height. Being its part of my job its no big deal to me to go a few more feet to get a better line of site. If that doesnt do it you could use the amp but that does add some to the maintenance of the unit.

    You also have 12dB more than he tested with. This should easily get you more than 100% of the required signal.

    Is the radio unit up at the antenna or is this the attic unit?

    If the radio is down below, Id go with a better heliax than LMR 400. Id use Something similar to LMR 1200 and do without the amp. If the downlink is a lower frequency maybe LMR 900.

    The Aironet seems to be the radio unit so Id definately go the bigger heliax and get the best signal out of it...

    Is the 60 feet level L.O.S. ? If it is with no obstruction then go there and get the radio as close to the antenna as possible and run the cat5 from there... The LMR400 wouldnt be to bad to use then...

    Hope this makes sense. Kinda written on the fly...
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