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Thread: dell graphics card

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    dell graphics card

    u guys might laugh at me, but i need advise on what graphics card i can upgrade my dell with. i've got a dimension 8300, with niveda fx5200. anyone got any previous experience?

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    What do you use your computer for? Purpose of graphics card is important in making a decision. Gaming, video editing, CAD work, typical office work, etc.

    Current input type(s) of monitor.
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    and we aren't going to laugh, fellow bsg fan

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    Being AGP and with alot of the current games and if you don't plan on upgrading at least for a year or more go for a 7800 GS AGP card they are the highest you can get in the AGP slots.

    But keep this in mind.. the Power supply on the 8300's are not that beefy

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