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Thread: Newbie Please Help!

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    Newbie Please Help!

    My roomate is paying or road runner and we talked about sharing his connection with me. He has another modem identical to the one time warner gave him. i thought it would be easy to just run a splitter with on wire to his modem and another wire to my modem. so i did that connected it to my computer all the lights turn on for about 4 seconds then they turn off and just the revieve and the send lights blink? i dont know what i did wrong or if its possible to use 2 modems. the other modem he got from his previous apartement when he moved out he broght the modem with him cuz the company never came and picked it up. Did i do something wrong or is it not possible to use 2 modems with one line? Can u all please help me out?

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    To use 2 modems you would need to pay for 2 accounts.

    To split his connection between both your computers you need a router.

    Something like this:

    Its a bit older, dont know if you need or would want the ability for wireless, but its cheap if you just want a device to share the connection.

    Routers also offer you a bit more security too, because you would be behind NAT

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    well the modem that he has on his computer works just fine and mine doesnt, i switched them around and his works on mine and mine doenst work on his? could my modem be broken? it was working a few months ago in his old apartment. or does the cable company have some way of blocking 2 from being used? cant i go buy a new one? sorry guys im not too good with computers so forgive me.

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    What YardofStuf meant is "Did you guys pay for only one internet account through that telephone line"? If yes, that means you can only have one IP address logged in that telephone line at any one time.

    If the both of you want to share one internet account, you do not use two modems.

    You need to use only one modem and then connect a router to the modem. Your two or more computers can then be connected to the router.

    This is how you share one internet account.

    Read more about router at this link:

    Read about setting up a home computer network:
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