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Thread: Problems only at night...

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    Problems only at night...

    I use Charter Cable internet in Georgia, USA. During the day, I run smoothly. For the last month, at night, I start having problems. One minute I can surf fine... and the next I can't surf at all. If I am downloading something, it continues to download without problem. I can receive email fine. If I try to browse the internet, however, my browser errors out "server not found". I can wait 30 sec or so and it will see it fine. When I get on in the morning again it is fine all day until the early evening... Can anyone offer suggestions or an idea what it is. Tech support says it is a hardware issue... Needless to say, I disagree.

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    When your line is not running smoothly, do 4-5 tracerts a few mins apart and compare the ping times to locate the source of the irregular ping times.

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