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Thread: Can I connect a Wireless b router to a wired router?

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    Can I connect a Wireless b router to a wired router?

    Hello all

    First of all I have vonage phone service.
    My cable modem connects to the vonage wired router.
    It has 4 pc ports to it and I have two desktops hooked up to it.
    All this equipment is downstairs in my family room..

    I just bought a laptop.

    I also have a older but new in the box wireless B linksys router model BEFW11S4 that I picked up real cheap.
    Is it possible for me to connect the wireless Linksys router to the wired vonage router so I can connect wirless to the internet with the laptop while upstairs in my house?
    Or would it just be better for me to get a wireless access point?

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated....



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    You have one already. Position the router where you want it and power it up. Connect a computer (wired temporarily) to the router. Log into the router and disable DHCP. (Enable WEP or WAP at this point if you want to use them.) Now connect the router to the Vonage router using one of the standard ports on the router (do not use the uplink port on the router). You now have a wireless access point. You can now disconnect the other computer (and connect it wirelessly).

    Courtney sends....

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    Thanks for the reply Courtney. It's appreciated.
    Thats pretty much what I did before I read your post with the exception of setting the Linksys wireless router with a static ip.
    Don't know if I needed to do this but somewhere in the Linksys directions I read where you can do this..
    It's working fine except I'll just loose the connect after an hour or so. i just unplug the wireless for a minute and it works again.
    Don't think it should be doing that though.


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    Most recent firmware on the Linksys?

    Your Vonage supplied router isn't also is it? When flipping a wireless router into a bandaged AP need to make sure it's not going to conflict with the LAN IP of your main router, or any other nodes. Good to have it in the same IP range so you can easily manage it, just put it on an IP outside the main routers DHCP pool..if you Vonage router is, put the Linksys on perhaps. Of ir the Vonage is it on

    Using an uplink port may be needed...if your main router doesn't have one, or isn't auto direction sensing. It's the WAN/internet port of the Linksys you donm't use.

    If you get wireless for a's most likely setup it's a matter of troubleshooting wireless performance. Hence most recent firmware. Make sure your SSID is unique so you're not conflicting with neighbors that may also have a Linksys. Trying different channels such as 1 or 11.
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