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Thread: Remote applications, Actually remote Windows OS.

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    Question Remote applications, Actually remote Windows OS.

    Asking the network professionals how to implement a small office with computer terminals communicating with remote servers via secure line.

    End Result: They see Windows as if it was on their box locally. However they are processing all their applications remotely.

    Where would you guys start?
    Remote VPN? What software? Best routers?


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    What exactly are you asking? You want to have say a file server in Office A and have some users in Office B who connect to that server? VPN would be a solution to that.

    Basically you would need a VPN capable device on either end of the connection and then create a tunnel between them. Exactly what a good device to use would depend on many factors. How many users? How much data? How secure does it need to be?What is the budget like? What kind of equipment do you already have (if any) in the existing location? What are the ther network requirments of the office?

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    Depends on the application that the business runs on. Some applications support "synching" with the central office through this VPN site to site VPN tunnels work well here. Other apps are too fat...and should be run under terminal server instead.
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