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Thread: Problem re-connecting to the internet

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    Problem re-connecting to the internet

    I'll do my best to explain this clearly.

    I just started a new job, and unfortunately for me, I know the most about computers in the whole building. So I've been running back and forth working out the kinks, and for this one, I'm stuck.

    We have 28 computers in the facility, and all of their internet is routed through to one router. Last week, we got our security cameras hooked up to the computers. The person who came in to do this, left all of the internet cables unplugged from the router. I got 27 of them working. (Simply by reattaching the cables in the appropriate spot.) There's one computer where the cable runs from the basement upstairs to the router. It's the only one that won't reconnect. I checked all of the hardware, and it's fine. It just keeps saying that a network cable is unplugged.

    With my vague description, any ideas?

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    Have you tried disabling the Internet connection from the control panel/network connections (on the non working comp) then re-enabling it, when re-enabled it should acquire network address and be back on line, hope this helps.

    Regards, Ellgor.

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