hello All
i am new to all of this i was reading carefully .
my DSL line 256 in UAE we are behind firewall any many sites are blocked
this my results :

SpeedGuide.net Speed Test Results
206 kbps down (~0.21 Mbps, 25 KB/s)↓
21 kbps up (~0.02 Mbps, 3 KB/s)↑
250 KB downloaded in 9.922 seconds
100 KB uploaded in 39.938 seconds
Tested on: 2006.10.29 13:21 EST
Provider: emirates.net.ae
Tested from: http://www.dvrsupply.com/
Test Link: http://www.speedguide.net/speedtest/...st=5A508EJ1I8H
any advice is appreciated