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Thread: XBOX 360 HD DVD Player

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    anyone have it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7thkevin View Post
    anyone have it yet?
    I do for over a month.
    It's nice, the movie quality is awesome, was just watching movie 2 days ago.
    Loving it.
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    I heard a rumor they were going to bundle it with the premium xbox 360 (instead of lowering prices) to help compete with the playstation 3 and wii

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    That's been popping up here and there, but I don't see that being too likely.

    The drive is only used for HD-DVD movies, all 360 games will still be on DVD-9 discs. It also adds quite a bit of a cost (not price) to the system, and is something very few consumers will likely be using. If anything, like 1080p support, it would only be added so Sony would have one less bullet point over them, but that's about it.

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    O . o I don't really watch movies so for me this would be a useless item..

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