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    Unhappy wifi management software

    i have wi-fi access point in my cafe and i want to monitor my network with any software that will allow me to handle all those who login to the netwok through the hotsport. i use belkin54g adsl router. could anybody help me with any software or just give me any one which you think will be good for my cafe.

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    Depending on your model of Belkin....DD-WRT is third party firmware for many routers..such as the popular Linksys WRT54g series, some Belkins, Buffalos, Asus, a few others...

    Has tons of cool features and performance improvements over stock firmware..2x of which you may find interesting...some Hotspot software called Sputnik, and Chillispot.

    Other a more powerful Linux based router....running something like IPCop, Endian, m0n0wall, of which you have some neat captive portal options.
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